SQUEX Fintech

SQUEX – The Fintech Blog Methodology

This blog is about Fintech – Financial Services Technology. People who have long been part of the Financial Services industry are breaking away to focus on automating the broken processes that they once encountered. Technology is becoming center of plate.

The Fintech blogs on this site will focus on Fintech companies and concepts whether they are startups or ideas coming out of financial institutions. From Robo-adviser to Blockchain there are companies that are attempting to not just garner investments but bring about real change in the processes.

I will analyse the Fintech companies. Present views on where they fit in the value chain. How are they changing things? What value do they add? The commentary will focus on assessment of Fintech startups in the process and value-chain.

Given the number of investors queuing up to invest in Fintech, this blog will shed some light on influential ideas-concepts-startups. I will (hopefully) be able to get the startup founder/management view. Strategists, Investors, current and potential will be able to ascertain significance of each and plot their path on the landscape.

To set the scene, the first series of blogs are primarily an introduction to the different segments. Going forward, I will choose startups, concepts, some very well-known and some that are quietly bringing about the change and bring them to my audience.

The aim of this blog is to help the reader understand how the startups are positioned in the value-chain, the process and how technology is evolving the industry. Focus is not on valuing these companies but instead to understand how the customer experience and the process is impacted.

The company analysis will talk about:

The Business – What does the company or concept do and their typical clients.

The Engine – Presents the information around the company’s product, partners, clients and the revenue model.

The Intrinsic Value – Analyses where the company sits in the value chain and how it contributes to the process. This is where competitor view comes in, along with how and what is the technology displacing.

The Profitability Conundrum – where available (or applicable) I will provide a very brief view to the future.

The Verdict – will discuss the stickiness of the concept, customer experience, challenges and my two pence worth.

Founders View – before any piece is published I will give the founders or the management a chance to comment, which will be published ‘unedited’. Their view could be on the blog, their challenges, industry view or anything they think is relevant.

This blog is for information purposes only and is designed to provide readers information and understanding of how Fintech is fragmenting the status quo even more.

All views at the time of writing are my own and coinciding views are incidental, like everything else in life.

DISCLAIMER: Analysis on Fintech companies is not an investment advice. This is for information purposes only. Investment decisions should be taken under professional and expert guidance with appropriate due-diligence.