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Company profile: Krzana

There is a verb for internet search: Google. Not a noun any more. What does googling a word or phrase reveal? Plenty of information but you still have to look at the information, read it and then sift through it to eventually process it for analysis. If some time is elapsed between your initial and current search – guess what – we need to do the exercise again. What if – you could just have all of it real-time all the time and that too like strands of knowledgeable commentary? Krzana is a real-time search engine.

Founded about eighteen months ago by Quin Murray and Toby Abel, based out of London, they have nine employees and can be found under

The Business

Krzana is a B2B offering. Krzana has developed a real-time search engine, which is picking and sifting through information on the web whether it is social, news item or anything else – if it is on the web, they have it – all in real-time. This is a straightforward business of offering internet search based on the entered parameters.

Krzana is a real-time search engine for structured data. The Krzana engine processes over 2000 streaming structured and unstructured data sources, adding entity and event metadata to them in real-time. It provides unique, uncorrelated, structured data feeds to the finance and news industries.

The Engine

Google is the master of Internet search and has cracked it. But when it comes to structured data there are very few who provide a value-add service. Krzana is building a service to view search parameters real-time. The ontology provides powerful filters that allow our users to describe the entities and events they’re interested in. Filters are run against all of the data in real-time, from social media, to major publications and even niche industry outlets and blogs. These filtered data streams define “channels” – structured data feeds that return results instantly, as the underlying content is published.

Conceptually, this is like web talking to you real-time on a topic you like. Very powerful tool for Asset Managers, Hedge Funds, Financial & Risk Analysts, Industry experts and PR firms, which is their client base.

Their pricing model is based on per subscription charge or the Krzana engine can be deployed as an embedded solution through its partners.

The Intrinsic Value

If you are an an analyst at a hedge fund, a researcher or an equity analyst what you do is collate information from the web as you go along and keep analysing it. The process is almost a second nature to many who have to do this periodically as there no better way and there is always a fear of missing something out. Krzana changes this. They give you an interface, ability to decide the parameters and the information is delivered real-time in a structured way. They are an enabler into a process that has collated and sifted information, whilst waiting for the ‘gut’ to say ‘Aha, now is the time to invest’.

Krzana is providing a talking internet search and giving the recipient ‘time’ to analyse, think and provide quality output quicker. Focusing on Finance world gives them an edge against the competition as they are building an engine catering to a segment and a process where automation can perhaps help performance.

The Profitability Conundrum

Krzana has been selling its engine for last six months and has a handful of clients. With product development in full swing and its first set of clients already on-board and providing feedback, they are generating revenue and have a healthy pipeline of prospects.

The Verdict

Battling information and its collation in the digital era is challenge enough. Krzana has not just mastered that art but also ensured that information is delivered real-time. They are solving a problem where you can action on slivers of information or prepare till the news hits the wire from an official source. This is less about inefficiency but more about quality output.

Information is plenty and so are things that are said inadvertently but somewhere on some server something is always getting stored ahead of time. Krzana is flowing single bit-byte to a viewable format where it becomes information that can be actioned for returns. Preparation for future via a talking Internet is the name of the game for Krzana, question is at what pace can they keep building in addition to raising their profile via marketing campaigns to generate awareness.

The idea of enabling the analysts to receive real-time information is certainly enticing – managing powerful competitor moves, IP protection and speed-to-scale will be critical to Krzana’s success.

Founders Comments

Incumbent information providers in the Finance and News industries are already being targeted. Symphony is putting functional and price pressure on the messaging business of the likes of Bloomberg. 

Krzana in turn adds significant value in the information flow – we disintermediate in both time and access by putting the source information directly into our user’s hands and of course we are much cheaper.  

Krzana is the ultimate ‘triple play’ that gets the attention of everyone who is currently reviewing their information gathering processes and costs.

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