This blog is about Fintech. Fintech is Financial Services Technology. The basic idea of the blog is to discuss different Fintech companies, technologies, innovation and disruption.

Outcome of the blog is analysis of different Fintech streams. How the Fintech companies are defining the fate of the industry. Topics range from Fintech to discussing fractals of banking. Target audience is organisations – learning, investing and translating the impending enhancement with Fintech as a medium. The idea is to present analysis on specific companies and technologies. Questions. Challenges. Ideas.


Own views, coinciding views are incidental.

Fintech space is engaging. The process of discovery and innovation is to make efficiency a cornerstone within banking and financial services. The brains that run Fintech were once part of an inefficient setup. Now these individuals question, develop and prime the technology to inaugurate a new era of Fintech. Banks. Financial Institutions. Investors. Startups. Regulators. There is a degree of skepticism and cynicism.

The approach to analysis can be found here.


SQUEX is a fintech analysis venture. SQUEX analyses fintech companies and related technologies from a value-to-process perspective. We offer insights into how the fintech companies are impacting and can impact the current process whilst considering its implications on all aspects of Financial Services and Banking.

SQUEX provides counsel on how to harness synergies between portfolio companies and within the banking ecosystem by covering cutting edge and emerging technology trends for the Venture Capital and Private Equity funds. We partner with the startup community to help define product roadmap and client acquisition strategy. We also partner with the financial services industry to help the product teams look to the future and innovate.